Gaps in your smile can have a big impact on your self-esteem. They also make normal activities, such as eating and speaking, difficult.

Opting for dental implants provides you with a number of unbeatable advantages, including:

  • Improved appearance as your replacement teeth look just like your natural ones

  • Improved appearance to your teeth as they look like your natural ones

  • A permanent solution, as they’re designed to last a lifetime (if they’re looked after correctly)

  • Improved speech as you aren’t worried about ill-fitting dentures slipping while you talk

  • Greater comfort as they feel just like your natural teeth

Snap on Dentures

Whereas traditional dentures rest on the gum line, snap-in dentures stay in place through dental implants.These implants are like posts, surgically placed into the jaw at specific areas to support the dentures, which are “snapped” into place using the posts. The snap-in dentures are removable, but the implanted posts are not.

In some cases, the implants are accompanied by dental locator abutment and housing . The dentures bind with a locator & housing, a small ” bowl like button” that allows the denture to snap into place and create estability. The housings and denture will require maintainance every few months , a replacement of a rubber like material that works like a cushion and helps absorb the shock of the occlusion.  

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